10 kW Gallium Oxide based DC-DC converter

10 kW Gallium Oxide based DC-DC converter

Developing the apex of power conversion technology, our 10 kW Gallium Oxide-based DC-DC Converter is engineered for excellence. Compact and efficient, this converter seamlessly delivers an output of 1.0 to 24V at an extraordinary 10 kW. Advanced Gallium Oxide technology provides exceptional performance, minimal ripple, formidable overvoltage protection, and compliance with stringent MIL-STD protocols. Ideal for the rigorous demands of aerospace, or industrial applications, our converter guarantees reliability with advanced telemetry for meticulous monitoring and control, all within a hermetically sealed design optimized for challenging environments.


→  Input Voltage: 650V

→  Input Inrush Current: Managed at system level, but often a critical parameter

→  Output Options: Single, dual, or triple

→  Output Power: +1.0 to +24V, delivering a robust 10 kW

→  Input-Output Isolation: Mandatory for system integrity

→  Output Ripple: 20 to 50 mVp-p typical, can achieve 1-5mVp-p for sensitive RF applications

→  Efficiency: High efficiency range of 95-99% for power up to 10 kW

→  Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Complies with modified versions of MIL-STD-461C/D/E for CS and CE

→  Overvoltage Protection: Automatic shutdown, limit set to 10-20% above nominal voltage

→  Turn-on Overshoot: Less than 5% of nominal voltage, with a monotonically rising output

→  Turn-on Delay Time: Between 0.5 to 10 milliseconds

→  Bus Current Telemetry: Incorporated at the system level

→  Step Load Response: Maintains <2-5% variation with a response time of 200-500μS for half/full load

→  Output Telemetry: Included as a standard feature

→  Temperature Telemetry: Essential and included for main output

→  Remote Sense: Available

→  Synchronization: Provided

→  Soft Start: Integrated

→  On/Off Command: Controlled via bi-level or pulse command

→  On/Off Status Telemetry: Provided

→  Output Voltage Adjustment: Available

→  De-rating: In line with MIL-STD-1547/MIL-STD-975/ESA PSS-01-301 standards

→  Impedance Testing: Accomplished through extensive DC-DC power testing over distances of 1 mile until failure

→  Operating Temperature: Ranges from -153 to +150°C, depending on program requirements

→  Storage Temperature: Tailored to launch platform specifications

→  Random Vibration: Conforms to launch platform demands

→  Pyrotechnic Shock: Resilience according to platform requirements

→  Acceleration: Meets the needs of the launch platform

→  Humidity: Operates effectively within 60-95% RH

→  Explosive Atmosphere: Construction ensures no ignition risk

→  Size & Mass: Designed to meet key system requirements

→  Qualification Package: Aligns with MIL-PRF-38534, Class K

→  Construction: Hermetically sealed thick film hybrid, ensuring durability and longevity in harsh environments