Gallium Oxide based Diode

Gallium Oxide based Diode

Elevate your power electronics with our Gallium Oxide based Diode, a cornerstone of innovation designed to push the boundaries of efficiency and voltage tolerance. Designed using the remarkable properties of Gallium Oxide, this diode stands out for its ability to streamline power conversion processes, focusing on reducing energy losses and handling exceptionally high voltages.


→  Efficiency Mastery: Delivers outstanding efficiency, which is crucial for minimizing power loss and enhancing overall system performance.

→  Voltage Capability: Expertly handles voltages beyond 1200V, making it a robust choice for high-voltage applications.

→  Heat Resilience: Operates reliably under temperatures exceeding 200°C, thanks to superior thermal management capabilities.

→  Space-Saving Design: Its compact size ensures easy integration into existing designs, saving valuable space without sacrificing power.

→  Lightness: Weighing in at just 20 grams allows for lighter, more efficient system designs.

→  Power Output: Delivers up to 50kW, meeting the needs of various applications.

→  Power Proficiency: It can manage power loads up to 5kW, meeting the demands of various high-power applications.

→  Devices support a breakdown voltage VB >1200V, Forward Current IF 40A, forward voltage drop VF: 2.5 V, recovery time trr<50ns.

→  Stable thermal performance to SEE conditions ensuring no thermal breakdown in structure in powered reverse-bias state with a Total Ionizing Dose (TID) of 100 Krad(Si).

→  No heavy-ion-induced permanent destructive effects upon irradiation while in blocking configuration* with ions having a silicon-equivalent surface-incident LET of 75 MeV-cm2/mg and sufficient energy to fully penetrate the active volume prior to the ions reaching their maximum LET value with fast recovery of 10 ns.