High Power Microwave

High Power Microwave

Dive into the future of high-power applications with our Gallium Oxide based High Power Microwave technology. We designed this advanced microwave technology using the exceptional electrical properties of Gallium Oxide, redefining efficiency, power handling, and operational bandwidth parameters in a broad spectrum of applications. Gallium Oxide's natural ability to withstand high electric fields and temperatures moves our microwave technology to the forefront, setting new industry benchmarks for performance and reliability.


→  Peak Efficiency: Attains an industry-leading efficiency rate of up to 98%, drastically minimizing energy wastage and ensuring sustainable high-power functionality.

→  Power Output Mastery: Delivers unparalleled power outputs, reaching thresholds of 15kW, to meet and exceed the requirements of the most power-intensive microwave applications.

→  Broad Operational Bandwidth: It provides a versatile frequency range from 2GHz to 35GHz, facilitating a wide array of uses, from sophisticated radar systems to advanced telecommunication frameworks.

→  Superior Thermal Resilience: Achieves operational stability at temperatures as high as 350°C, affirming its reliability and durability in environments where traditional systems falter.

→  Design Innovation: Boasts a compact (250mm x 200mm x 100mm) and modular design, ensuring easy integration into existing infrastructures while promoting scalability and flexibility.

→  Endurance and Reliability: It is engineered for longevity, with a design life spanning over 20,000 hours of operation, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.