Solid-State Microwave Generator

Solid-State Microwave Generator

Introducing our advanced Gallium Oxide based Solid-State Microwave Generator, which represents a leap forward in microwave generation technology. This solid-state generator leverages the exceptional properties of Gallium Oxide. It marks a significant advancement over traditional vacuum tube-based systems. It offers superior efficiency, reliability, and control in a compact form factor, revolutionizing microwave generation technology.


→  High Efficiency: Achieves efficiency rates up to 85%, particularly reducing operational costs and energy consumption.

→  Exceptional Power Output: Delivers continuous microwave power up to 20kW, with peak capabilities reaching 30kW, catering to a broad range of industrial and scientific applications.

→  Extended Frequency Range: Operates across a wide frequency range from 500MHz to 10GHz, making it versatile for various applications, from medical treatments to wireless communication.

→  Advanced Thermal Management: It is designed to withstand operational temperatures up to 250°C, ensuring consistent performance under demanding conditions.

→  Compact Design: At 300mm x 300mm x 150mm, it integrates seamlessly into systems where space is at a premium.

→  Robust Durability: It is designed for a long operational lifespan, with over 25,000 hours of continuous use, minimizing downtime and maintenance.