Gallium Oxide based MMICs, designed for 50-ohm and 75-ohm systems, excel in high-frequency applications like FTTH, set-top boxes, and smart meters. They leverage Gallium Oxide's high electron mobility for superior frequencies and speeds. In 50-ohm environments, they offer low noise and high linearity, crucial for clear, distortion-free RF communications. For 75-ohm systems, their efficient impedance matching and high dynamic range enhance data transmission in broadband networks, ensuring quality service. Characterized by thermal stability and low power consumption, Gallium Oxide based MMICs ensure reliable, long-lasting performance in varied environmental conditions, making them integral to modern telecommunication and smart grid technologies.


→  Frequency operation is delineated within the 3.4GHz to 3.6GHz spectrum, catering to advanced communication bands.

→  The transistors are calibrated to deliver a nominal output power of 26W, ensuring robust signal amplification.

→  Saturation power peaks at 174W, indicating substantial power handling capabilities for high-demand scenarios.

→  A power gain of 14 decibels (dB) is achieved, optimizing signal strength enhancement.

→  Operational efficiency is quantified at 44%, reflecting a balanced performance in power conversion.

→  These devices are designed for a working voltage (VDC) of 48 volts, accommodating high-voltage applications.

→  Encapsulation is achieved using the RF12001DHKR3 package, tailored for thermal efficiency and mechanical robustness.

→  The flange package type is utilized, indicative of its suitability for high-power and high-frequency applications, ensuring reliable thermal and mechanical integration.