We are introducing our advanced Gallium Oxide based Rectifier, a cornerstone in power electronics, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and high-voltage performance. Utilizing the superior properties of Gallium Oxide (Gallium Oxide), this rectifier offers an unprecedented efficiency rate of up to 99.3%, coupled with a remarkable breakdown voltage exceeding 650V. Tailored for demanding applications such as renewable energy systems, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, and advanced power supplies, our Gallium Oxide-based Rectifier ensures minimal energy losses and enhanced thermal stability. Its compact design and robust construction support continuous operation at temperatures up to 200°C, promising reliability in the most challenging environments. Embrace the efficiency and durability revolution with our Gallium Oxide-based Rectifier, designed to drive your technology into a sustainable future.


→  Efficiency Rate: Soars up to 99.3%, significantly reducing power losses for enhanced system reliability.

→  Breakdown Voltage: Surpasses 650V, ideal for high-voltage applications needing robust performance.

→  Thermal Stability: Guarantees reliable operation at temperatures up to 200°C, perfect for harsh environments.

→  Forward Voltage Drop: Maintains a low forward voltage drop of about 1.2V at 25A, ensuring efficient energy conversion.

→  Switching Speed: Offers rapid switching with rise and fall times as low as 15ns, perfect for high-efficiency power systems.

→  Durability: Designed to last with a lifetime exceeding 1 million hours, offering unmatched reliability and longevity.

→  Size: Compact footprint of just 40mm x 40mm, easily integrated into a variety of systems without space concerns.

→  Weight: Lightweight at only 30 grams, minimizing the impact on system weight and enhancing portability.

→  Power Capability: Supports continuous operation with power handling capabilities up to 10kW, meeting the needs of demanding applications.