SiC Transistors

SiC Transistors

Gallium Oxide on Silicon Carbide (SiC) discrete transistors are engineered for RF Energy applications, operable at frequencies of 915MHz, 2.45GHz, and 5.8GHz. These transistors excel in delivering up to 1 kW of power, catering to high-demand RF applications. The combination of Gallium Oxide and SiC offers a sweet spot of high electron mobility, breakdown voltage, and thermal conductivity, ensuring efficiency and thermal stability. Their multi-band capability and high power density make them ideal for a range of uses, from medical to industrial, where performance and reliability under rigorous conditions are paramount, marking a significant advancement in semiconductor technology.


→  The Gallium Oxide on SiC transistors are specified for a narrow operational frequency band, ranging from 1295 MHz to 1305 MHz, ensuring targeted performance in specific RF applications.

→  These devices are engineered to provide a substantial output power capacity of 550W, catering to high-power requirements.

→  With a significant power gain of 14.9 dB, these transistors amplify RF signals efficiently, optimizing system performance.

→  They exhibit a high drain efficiency of 79.2%, indicative of minimal energy loss and superior conversion efficiency in power applications.

→  Designed for a 50V direct current (VDC) operating environment, these transistors are suited for high-voltage RF systems.

→  The incorporation of a flange package facilitates effective thermal dissipation and mechanical robustness, essential for high-power and high-frequency operations.