Transmitter Systems

Transmitter Systems

Next-generation Gallium Oxide solid-state transmitter systems embody cutting-edge radar technology, designed for versatility across L, S, C, and X frequency bands. These systems, available as COTS or custom solutions, deliver multi-kilowatt power levels, essential for advanced radar applications like weather forecasting, surveillance, maritime navigation, early detection, and air traffic management. Gallium Oxide's superior properties, such as high power efficiency and thermal conductivity, ensure these transmitters offer exceptional performance and reliability. These systems redefine radar capabilities, providing unparalleled precision and durability for diverse operational demands in a compact form factor, making them indispensable in modern and future radar technologies.


→  Specifically engineered to operate within the S-band frequency spectrum, ranging from 2000MHz to 4000MHz, ensuring compatibility with a broad array of radar applications.

→  Designed with a rack-type form factor, these transmitter systems offer streamlined integration and maintenance within standard rack infrastructure.

→  Boasting a substantial typical output power of 3000W, these systems deliver the high-power performance necessary for advanced radar operations.

→  Featuring a significant power gain of 52dB, these transmitters are capable of significantly amplifying radar signals, thereby enhancing overall system efficacy.

→  Optimally designed to operate efficiently with a 50VAC power supply, ensuring seamless compatibility with conventional electrical infrastructure.