T/R Modules

T/R Modules

Our specialized Gallium Oxide Transmit and Receive (T/R) Modules are at the forefront of radar technology, designed for diverse applications. Utilizing the superior properties of Gallium Nitride, these modules deliver enhanced signal power and efficiency, critical for high-resolution radar imaging and long-range detection. They are characterized by lower power consumption and minimal heat dissipation, contributing to a compact, robust design. Ideal for demanding environments, our T/R modules ensure reliable performance for surveillance, tracking, and navigation, making them indispensable for advanced radar systems seeking precision, durability, and efficiency.


→  Precision-engineered for optimal performance within the S-band spectrum, covering a comprehensive frequency range from 3100MHz to 3500MHz, tailored for diverse radar applications.

→  Delivers a robust minimum TX output power of 10W, ensuring powerful and reliable signal propagation essential for high-resolution radar imaging and long-range detection capabilities.

→  Features an exceptionally low RX noise figure, minimized to 3.5dB, to significantly reduce unwanted signal interference, thus enhancing the clarity and accuracy of received signals.

→  Incorporates a high TX gain of 21.5dB, meticulously designed to amplify outgoing signals substantially, thereby improving the radar system's overall transmission effectiveness.

→  Equipped with an RX gain of 19dB, optimized to boost the strength of incoming signals, ensuring superior reception quality and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio for critical radar operations.

→  Operates efficiently at a 50V DC power supply, optimized for high-performance radar systems, facilitating reduced power consumption while maintaining superior efficiency and reliability in demanding environments.